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Monday, October 15, 2007

Some Finished Projects

I did some finishing over the weekend starting with my Pansy Purse:

Pansy Purse

I already used this one yesterday when we went to the Flea Market. Unfortunately, I didn't find a single thing! But we had fun looking at all the great junk so that's what's important. And we saw the whole market before it started raining!

My next little finish is this cellphone pouch that I made for Scott's step-mom for her birthday:

Basket Cellphone Pouch

I still have to put the chain on it but I'll do that later today.

I also finished up this Comfort Cat Doll:

Olive Green Comfort Cat

I still have 3 all sewn up and ready to stitch but next time I have a sewing day, I'm going to sew up another pile of them.

Last but not least for finishes, you may remember my little embroidered mermaid that I stitched from my vintage transfer collection:


I was going to work this into a whimsical CQ purse but the design was just too big for the 9 inch blocks that I like to do so I decided to sew it into a little doorknocker and send it to Pat for the Comfort Doll project. I'll package this up along with the green cat doll and mail them to Pat later this week.

Finally, I had some time to stitch a bit more on the Model A block:

Car Block

This theme is a bit challenging so I'm focusing more on color than anything else. I'm planning on doing some more SRE on it later today.


Kim said...

WOW!!! You sure have done a lot of finishing lately! Love the gold spider web on your newest comfort kitty.

Thanks for sharing your finishes!


Mel said...

Youve been busy!! I love the pansy purse! you are so talented!!!

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