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Monday, October 29, 2007

A Couple Of Finishes

As I mentioned yesterday, I did finally get to a bit of sewing. Starting with my 2 most recent Comfort Cat Dolls:

2 Comfort Cat Dolls

I promised these 2 to Jo in NZ for shelters in her area so I'll package them up today and mail them to Jo on Wednesday when I go to the Post Office.

I also did the finishing on my little Christmas Lady ornament:

Christmas Lady Ornament

And I pieced a couple of cat doll blocks and I dyed some silk ribbons! Loads of stuff done yesterday!

I finally sat down yesterday afternoon and stitched some more on my Christmas Tree purse:

Christmas Tree Purse

The little sequin poinsettia to the right might not stay. I haven't decided yet. It's just laying there now so I can kind of look at it.

Anyway, I'll stitch on this some more later today.


loulee1 said...

The christmas tree purse is starting to look really sparkley now Pam.

Anonymous said...

Pam are you selling your christmas lady ornament?

xstitchingmomma said...

Hi Pam, I love your Christmas Lady ornament... it is so pretty!

oh someday, I want to try this crazy patchwork!


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