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Monday, August 13, 2007

New Comfort Kitty Doll & Mermaid

We went to a flea market yesterday up in Wisconsin and I found a few little do-dad's but nothing all that exciting. Some bits of lace, a few appliques and a couple of pretty buttons. Nothing worth mentioning really. I had a good time as I always do but by the end, it was so hot outside, I was getting delirious.

My husband bought something kind of nice and I'll share a photo when he gets it done. It's a an old Singer sewing machine stand. You know, the really old iron ones. The cabinet part is missing so he's going to make a nice oak top for it and we'll use it as a side table somewhere. He worked on it yesterday when we got home so maybe he'll have it ready in a few days.

Once we got home and my heat exhaustion passed, I finished up on my little mermaid:

Little Mermaid

I know she's a little cartoony but I like her! As you can see, I crayon tinted her and added some sequins. Ya'll know how I like my glitter! Anyway, I didn't stitch the sand or the do-dad in her hand. I plan to work her into a CQ so I'll add "sand" later. And I want to add a seashell to her hand which I'll do once I get her sewn into a block. Stay tuned for that project!

So later today, when I get to sitting down and stitching, I'll be starting on another little Comfort Kitty Doll to send to Pat:

Aqua Comfort Cat

I'm thinking "yellow" always looks nice with aqua. I just don't have a lot of yellow do-dads but I'm sure I have enough to make this work.


Heidi said...

what a cute little mermaid. :)

loulee1 said...

Your mermaid is cute Pam. I'm sure your puss cat will be too.

Susan said...

I love the mermaid and fish. It does look a little different, but I think we need to do something different every once in a while, just to stay creative!

Teresa said...

The mermaid is just lovely!

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