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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mermaid & Hand-dyed Threads

I spent yesterday afternoon hand-dying some embroidery floss. You know, I'm not sure I enjoy doing that. I love to do lace, fabric and ribbons but I've never had great luck with embroidery floss and ended up with quite a few imperfect skeins:

Threads 1

These either didn't take the dye right or I just didn't care for how they came out. So I put them all in a ziplock bag and added them to my Etsy shop. Maybe someone can use them. The colors are permanent and they're perfectly usable, they just didn't come out the way I intended.

When I finished up with that, I started on this little mermaid:


This design is from Aunt Martha's. I believe it's a current design but transfer is vintage. Anyway, I plan to add some sequins to the tail and I have some little orange sequins for the little fish. I thought this would cute worked into a CQ down the road.

I was going to sew this afternoon but I'm feeling more like I want to stitch so I'll work on this and then I plan to start stitching on one of the cats to send to Pat. Maybe I'll do some sewing tomorrow.


loulee1 said...

Well I think your threads look pretty. So does your mermaid.

Susan said...

I love the thread colors, though I can see they aren't your usual ones. If I'd seen them, I'd have bought them, but someone already did. =)

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