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Friday, August 31, 2007

Lady With Roses Block Continued.....

I sat out on the front porch this morning for over 1/2 an hour with my camera. The hummingbirds are everywhere! I have 4 and 5 of them humming around all the time now. And one is a male! Which is very unusual this time of year. The males usually head back south by the beginning of July. I'm assuming that the one I have here is a baby from earlier this season.

Anyway, I took over a dozen photos of my tiny birdies and can you believe, not one of them came out! They were all fuzzy. And it wasn't that the hummingbirds are constantly in motion, it's the fact that I am just not a photographer! I really should break down and buy a tripod.

Well, no biggie! I'll sit out there again later today and try to get some more photos. I'd really love to get a good picture of the little male hummer. He's absolutely amazing!

Meanwhile, I started beading on my Lady With Roses block yesterday and this is what it looks like at the moment:

Lady With Roses

For now, I have a custom block kit to put together and I plan to put my Silhouette Lady purse together. I picked up some handles for it yesterday when I was in WalMart. I also would like to sew up a whole pile of Comfort Cat dolls so my sewing machine will be doing a marathon today!


corina said...

I did not have time to check your blog for some time, but today I could enjoy it! Thank you!

Candi said...

I know what you mean about the pic's, but hummingbirds are really hard to photograph! They're so quick! Love your block, it's soooo pretty:)

Gina E. said...

Hi Pam,
I have you on a Google Reader thingy now, so I can keep up with everyone's new posts. Haven't figured out yet how to leave a comment without opening up a new window, so I've been a bit lazy with comments! Just had to come over now and say I'm still reading your blog and full of admiration as usual for your work - this one is gorgeous!
Hope you had some luck the next time you tried to photograph the hummingbirds - I remember you posted some beautiful photos of them on here once before - about a year ago?

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