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Monday, August 27, 2007

19th Century Crazy Quilt Topper

I received a link to The Quilter's Muse website from Cris. She thought I would be interested in seeing a antique crazy quilt that was recently posted. And yes, I'm always thrilled to see online articles about old crazy quilts! Anyway, here is the direct link if you would like to check it out. Thank you very much Cris!

If anyone else has found any cool sites or articles about old needlework that they would like me to see or share here, please drop me an email and I'll post the links to the sites here so that everyone can enjoy them.

1 comment:

Violette Severin said...

Thanks for the link. Viewing it makes me feel like an armchair museum~goer. I wonder how they know what fabrics came from what manufacturer.

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