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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Update On Purple Painted Lady Purse

I wanted to share with you, an update on my Purple Painted Lady purse:

Purple Painted Lady

I started adding beads last night. I must admit, the beading is my favorite part! I also started a vine to the left of the lady. I'm still leaning towards some cast-on stitches to go with that vine but I still haven't decided for sure yet. I guess I'll decide when I sit down to stitch! Stop by again tomorrow to see if I used them or not!

Also, if I have any sane quilters who read my blog, I packed up tons and tons of 2 inch charm squares. Perfect for a Postage Stamp quilt:

400 Charm Squares A

I don't know why I cut so many the last time I made a quilt. Maybe I like cutting the squares more than sewing them together! Ha, ha, ha! I know for sure that I like cutting fabric better than hand-quilting!!! Anyway, these are in my Etsy shop in case someone can use them.

1 comment:

Susan said...

1. Thanks for the tutorial on the dryer sheets. I'll probably just buy them from you. =)

2. The purse is going to be stunning. I'm betting that you do use the cast on.

3. I saw those squares last night and am mightily tempted. We'll see how long I can resist. =)

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