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Saturday, December 09, 2006


Nothing all that interesting to share today. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I wanted a big gold tassle for my Girl With A Kitten purse. Well, my only near-by fabric store option is WalMart and they didn't really have what I wanted. I bought 4 gold tassles and ended up just sewing them together. Then I wrapped some braid around them, the same braid that I used on the outside of the purse and sewed that on. I sewed the tassle on to the bottom of the purse and then added a pretty button:

Girl With Kitten Purse

It works. I do wish I had put a velvet ruffle at the top of the purse. I didn't think about it until last night when I sewing the button on. I guess that's a good idea for the next one that I do.

I was tired from being cold all day yesterday and didn't start on the green cellphone pouch. But I did paint an applique for it:

Green Cellphone Pouch

I will be stitching on this today. I want to experiment with stitching all in one color. Maybe just white or cream thread on this piece and then embellish as I would normally. I'm not sure what kind of effect that will produce. Maybe a sort of lacy look. Or maybe not. Stay tuned to see where this goes!


Susan said...

Oh, that's funny, because I've been thinking about doing one with all white stitching on dark fabrics. I'll enjoy seeing how yours turns out. Love the lace motif.

The tassel looks great. You are very inventive!

Ribbonwiz said...

Love this purse Pam.
I have trouble spelling tassel/ tassle too!
But your tassel turned out great!

Allison said...

That purse is insanely well-done. Glad you didn't think of the ruffle though. I think it would have detracted from the shape of the purse and the fantastic stitching.

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