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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Purple Painted Lady Purse and Crocheted Ric/Rack

I started the stitching on this piece yesterday:

Purple Painted Lady

I had a good couple of hours to stitch on it and as you can see, have most of the seams covered with embroidery. I'm thinking of doing some cast-on stitches to the left of the lady but haven't decided for sure yet. I still find them a little fussy but I really like the way they look!

Susan wanted to see my pieces of crocheted ric/rack. I've been hoarding these, saving them for something special. I paid a pretty penny for them at a flea market a couple of years ago. I don't see crocheted ric/rack very often so when I do, buying them is pretty much a sure thing!

Crocheted RicRack

Quite honestly, I don't care if ever use everything that I have. Some of the enjoyment for me is in having it, esp. beautiful hand-crocheted pieces like this. Sometimes, I just open my lace drawers and pull pieces out just to look at them and admire them. The same goes for my fabric, beads and buttons too! I truly enjoy my stash!

Susan also asked me what my Redwork Cupid will be. You know me, I like making doorknockers so that's what I'll do with him. I'll probably border him with some red piping and maybe a bit of lace. I'll post another photo of him when I get him sewed up.

On another note, hop over to Allison's blog and take a look at her Crazy For Flowers quilt. It's complete now. What a stunning crazyquilt!!!

Ok, I'm off to package up some "charm quilt squares". I got a little carried away the last time I did a sane patchwork quilt and I know I won't be doing another one anytime soon!

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