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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lots To Share Today!

First, I want to share a photo of the vintage lace that I handpainted yesterday:

Lace Painted

It took me over 5 1/2 hours to paint everything but I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy doing this! So many different patterns and designs! Each piece is so beautiful in itself but once painted, the patterns really pop!

I'll be starching and ironing today and I'm sure that will take another good couple of hours but again, I so much enjoy this process and being able to see and touch such a variety of old lace pieces.

Allison asked me what fabric dyes I use. I use Dye-na-flow by Jacquard. I started purchasing the small sampler packs at Michaels. They were perfect for my personal use. But now that I'm doing this on a larger scale, I order the larger bottles online.

When I finished painting yesterday, I worked on my green cellphone pouch:

Green Cellphone Pouch

This is complete now so I'll be starting on this one next:

Purple Cellphone Pouch

On another note, Sharon asked her readers to mention her "Take A Stitch" project which will be starting on January 2nd. To learn more about it, hop over to Sharon's In A Minute Ago blog and read her post for today.

I'll be joining in on this project too, sharing patterns, stitches and designs with you. In fact, sometime in the next week, I'll be writing up the tutorial for painting dryer sheets. One of my first projects will feature "dryer sheet flowers" which you can use on your crazyquilts and other projects. I want to get that tutorial to you before the "Take A Stitch" start date so if you want to make some of these flowers, you can have everything ready in advance.

If you want to make some of the flowers but don't want to mess with the paint (it is very messy and time consuming and the paints are rather expensive), I still have several of the Painted Fiber Sheets packs available in my Etsy shop.

Ok, I'm off to starch and iron all that gorgeous old lace!

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