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Monday, December 18, 2006

Loads Of Finishing!

I had a very productive day yesterday! After running to Michaels to pick up a few supplies (I didn't need any, I just wanted some!) I parked myself on my sofa and I did the finishing on my 3 cellphone pouches:

Green Cellphone Pouch 2

Pink Cellphone Pouch 2

Purple Cellphone Pouch 2

They are just so cute! I hand-beaded the bottoms and added snaps for closure. They're big enough for a cellphone, a little cash and Driver's License! I've listed them already in my Etsy Shop.

When those were completed, I added the embellishments to my Redwork Cupid:

Redwork Cupid

I sewed on a few of those little Forgetmenot flowers that are often used on shower favors. 3 orange seed beads hold them in place. Then I added some leaves made of mint green seed beads. Those leaves are worked like a detached chain stitch using 9 green seed beads. I added a few small light yellow pearl beads and this is now exactly what I wanted it to look like!

If you've never done Redwork before and would like to give it a try, 2 strands of DMC #498 is a very good red to work with.

I'm now off to stitch on my Purple Painted Lady piece. And that's my plan for the rest of today!


patternnuts said...

498 you say? Thank you!
You're finishes look fantastic! Wonderful!

Susan said...

I'm so glad you use the "right" red. LOL! 498 is the old turkey red of antique quilts. I know a lot of people use the bright 321, but it's just wrong. =)

I love the cellphone pouches. I think I like the green one the best. I will have to see if I can finagle a way to get one.

The cupid is just darling. You will make him into ...?

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