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Friday, December 22, 2006

Dryer Sheet Pansies - Supply List

Sharon's Take A Stitch project will be starting on January 2nd. This will be a year long project and Sharon's focus will be basically, to take a given stitch and push it to it's limits. What variations are possible, what it can be used for and so on and so forth.

I will be participating in the Take A Stitch project offering patterns, examples and ideas in which to use various stitches. Since I don't know what stitch Sharon will be starting with, and since I need a starting point, my focus at first will be on the Blanket Stitch. It's a wonderful stitch with unlimited possibilities!

We'll be using the Blanket Stitch in making Pansies out of Painted Dryer Sheets. The pansies can be used to embellish all sorts of items, from crazyquilts to purses, lampshades to clothing, even traditional quilts.

As I promised yesterday, here is the supply list of things you'll need to make the Painted Dryer Sheet Pansies. You can find the tutorial for painting the dryer sheets in my post on December 21st. If you would like to make some of the Pansies from dryer sheets but don't care to mess with painting them, I still have several packs available in my Etsy Shop.


Painted Dryer Sheets – recommended colors are purple, yellow and green

Fusible Web either Heat & Bond or Wonder Under

Cotton Fabric – recommended colors are lavender, light yellow and light green

Light Weight Iron-On Interfacing

Threads – you can use 6 strand embroidery floss or #5 Perle Cotton. Colors should be a bit darker than the dryer sheets.

An 1/8 yard of the fusible web, cotton fabric and interfacing will make several pansies.

Feel free to make your pansies any colors that you would like. For me, I like purple and yellow pansies.

Gail asked me yesterday why I use the Lumier Paint from Jacquard and can other paints be used. I recommend the Lumier paint for several reasons. First, they soak well into the fibers and they dry soft. They were designed specifically for textile and fiber art although they can be used on paper and wood as well. They're a good quality metallic paint and have a slight transparent quality to them.

You're certainly welcome to try other fabric paints but I definately do not recommend regular craft paint. They will only sit on the surface and they dry hard. They won't be soft to the touch like the Lumier paint is. If you choose to stretch or tear your dryer sheets for other projects, regular craft paint will crack.

I have only used the Lumier Paint on the dryer sheets. To quote my husband, the mechanic, "if it works, don't fix it!" Honestly though, if you want to try something else, please feel free to do so. If it doesn't work, the dryer sheets are cheep! The Lumier paints are not. They sell for $9.99 at Michael's and they don't go far when painting the dryer sheets.

If anyone has any questions regarding this project before we start, please don't hesitate to leave a message for me here, on my Flickr site or you can send me an email. My email address can always be found on my main Kitty & Me Designs website. Even though it's the holidays, I will be around everyday for awhile so contact me if you need to.

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