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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Completed Projects

As I mentioned yesterday, I planned to do a bunch of finishing on my sewing machine. And that I did! I love days that turn out to be so productive!

First is my Blue Painted Lady pillow:

Blue Painted Lady

I just love this one! The lady has a sort of sassy look on her face! And I love the colors too. I might have to use the lady again on another piece for myself.

It's an 8 inch pillow and a gift for a friend.

Next, is my little cellphone pouch:

CQ Cellphone Pouch

It measures 4 inches wide X 5 inches high. Jo in NZ asked me for the dimensions and to take a photo of it with my cellphone. Here you go Jo! I lined it and backed it with the black fabric that I used on the front and I added a snap for closure. I'm thinking of making a couple of these for either my booth up in Richmond or for my Etsy shop. It worked up very quickly and who couldn't use a cellphone pouch? Well, I don't think I would use one because I just keep my cellphone in my pocket but I'm sure there are lots of ladies out there who would love to have something like this! This one is a gift.

Last, is my Girl With A Kitten purse:

Girl With Kitten Purse

This one is almost done. I want to pick up a pretty gold tassle for it. I'm hoping I can find something at WalMart tomorrow. I would love to use this purse this coming weekend. And what I would give to have a regular fabric store here in McHenry! We have a Michael's so I don't understand why we don't have a JoAnn's or a Hancock Fabrics. If I want to go to a regular fabric store, I have to drive over 1/2 an hour into the next town. Arrggg......ok, enough moaning! This is why I have such a large stash. But I don't have any big gold tassles!

I did a few other things yesterday too but I'll save those for tomorrow. I think today, I'll sew up another CQ block to stitch on. Maybe a few cellphone pouches too. I have a few boring things to take care of first!

On a final note, today is Pearl Harbor Rememberance Day here in the US. Several years ago, I came across an interesting website called, "Ginger's Diary". Ginger was a 17 year old American girl living at Hickam Field, Hawaii at the time of the attack. Published on this website are her diary entries from December, 1941.


Gerry said...

Your pillow is fantastic. I just love the expression on the lady's face. It makes me wonder what she sees. Love the cell phone pouch. And it's nice to see your special button all settled into its new home. Very nice work!

Susan said...

Love that pillow. So will the friend who gets it. You do such nice finishing work. Thanks for the link to Ginger's Diary. That was interesting.

Your other artwork is looking good. For a tassel, you might check one of those home dec. stores. I saw one called Fabric Depot in Phoenix, and they had a whole wall of tassels.

Jo in NZ said...

Thanks for the pic Pam! :)

Allison said...

Very productive is right! Terrific stitching, as always, Pam.

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