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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Can't Part With This One!

Isn't this pretty?

Blue Lace

It looks like something off a Victorian Wedding Dress! I don't think I can part with it. I can see it on a purse. Of course, I can see everything on a purse! You know they're a weakness of mine!

My lace is all starched and pressed and ready for packaging which I'll be doing shortly.

I'd like to ask my readers a question. What would you prefer if you were to purchase some of this lace, would you prefer packages that have a variety of small pieces such as 6 inch or 8 inch pieces or would you prefer large 1 yard pieces? I'd love some input so I know how to package it up in the future.

We're supposed to get alot of snow this afternoon and evening. They're calling for 12 inches or more. EWWWWWWW..........quite honestly, it hasn't even started yet and I already feel like an animal in a cage. So glad I have lots of fabric, threads, beads and buttons to place with!


Pat Winter said...

Being a crazy quilter I would prefer smaller pieces instead of yard sections. Your lace is gorgeous. I would keep it too if I were you.

Jo in NZ said...

I would like a variety (and for you to post overseas ).

Anonymous said...

I would also like smaller pieces of lace. I think Jo has the same problem that I do with post from America, anywhere for that matter.
Marian in South Africa

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