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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Time

My presents are wrapped, my tree is up, my cookies are baked and I've been to the Post Office!  I can relax for a few days now:

Scott picked out a beautiful tree this year and it smells lovely!  I decorated it simply with handmade country style ornaments that mom and I made a few years back.  For garland, I just use red and gold beads.  I have to be careful with what I put on the tree because of my cats although this year, Nightmare and Lucy don't seem to have much interest in it.  Instead of my tree-skirt that mom made for me, I kept it simple.  Just an old quilted blanket from when I was little.  Mom gave it to me because I love mint green so much!  I must say, the tree makes me miss my Simba.  He used to love to lay under the tree.  He thought he was hiding but I knew better.

I've been stitching away the early morning hours on my Valentine hearts.  I've made 6 of these so far.  These are the last 3:

We've had a few flurries today and I have Christmas music playing on the radio although I think I'll turn it off again, make a cup of tea and see what they're selling on QVC.


Joyce E said...

Love the hearts Pam. Gets me itching to continue work on the ones I started last year or make somenew ones. As usual thanks for the inspiration.

Joyce E.


Enjoyed your post very much this morning. Beautiful tree and work. I love looking at your process. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. Merry Christmas to you and yours and your furry loved ones. Tamara

margaret said...

tree looks beautiful, once again I am minus a tree but maybe next tree I will have one. Would like one with rooots on in a pot so I can put it in the garden after Christmas and bring it in each year. Did this whilst married then one year I was in Australia for Xmas and the tree by then had been planted in the garden as it had got so big and when I came home he had dug it up and brought it in but had not replanted it, away 3 months but managed to save it and it then stayed in the garden!!

Hearts are looking fabulous, a very happy Christmas to you and your family

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