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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Lesson 4 Janes Block

My students are working on Lesson 4 of my Crazy Quilt Color and Composition Classes.  Jane R. has completed her block:

The theme for lesson 4 is Flight Of The Bumblebee.  Jane did an excellent job conveying that theme.  Notice Jane's beehive worked in beads.  And the beautiful garden in the required "curved piece"!

I'm very pleased with the work I'm seeing from my students.  I can see that all of the girls are working with their own creativity and although they find some of the techniques challenging, their skills are improving.  They're eye for color and balance is starting to come through their work!  I'm very pleased with everyone's progress!


Natalie Santini said...

That piece is amazing...the beehive, the lace, I can't stop looking at it. Well done. :D The strawberries are awfully cute-will you have a strawberry tree for summer? :)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Very nice! Love the beaded beehive - that was a lot of stitching to create.

Monica said...

Yes, excellent job, Jane! I love your colours.

What fun theme too, Pam. These are great posts, to see everyone's progress. :)

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