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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Crazy Quilt Christmas Ornaments

I got a little too close with the flash on this piece, but I was looking for a few small things to stitch and decided to do a couple of Crazy Quilt Christmas Ornaments:

I stitched this up last night and started another one this morning.  They will hang on the diagonal like I've shown here in the photo.  I have some little bell like ornaments to hang from the point.

I like to keep a drawer of "ready to stitch" blocks on hand.  Sometimes, I'll take a day and just sew a pile of things and then put them in the drawer.  That way, if I don't have time to sew a block, at least I have some things to stitch on.

1 comment:

Christine Welsh said...

Very nice! :) Gosh it will be Christmas before we know it!
ChrisW Designs

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