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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Purple Roses

I finished up stitching my Eagle Door Hanger yesterday:

It's very colorful and very Patriotic!

I started a new piece with a purple rose:

The rose is from a vintage handkerchief.  I love the soft colors on this one!  I'll do some stitching on this later today.

I have some new door pillows that mom made so I'll start adding them to the shop today and post photos tomorrow.

My plans for the week are to sew up my 4th of July hanging pillows and to sew some new blocks since I'm down to just one or two in my stitching basket. 

Today is opening day at Wilmot Flea Market in Wilmot, Illinois.  I'm going to straighten up and then Scott and I head up there to walk around for a little while.  Maybe I'll find some goodies!


wendy said...

Such nice work. Cant wait to see the purple one done!

Sandy said...

It's very nice. I like the purple.

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