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Monday, April 02, 2012

Handmade Thank You Gifts

Busy day yesterday!  I'm trying to get the Spring cleaning on the inside of my house done so I can get outside and do some work out there when it warms up a bit more.  I have all the windows and curtains done now so the next project is to clean my 4 ceiling fans.  Anyone want to come and help me?  I have cookies and iced tea here?  LOL!!!

In between the boringness (I make up my own words) of doing windows and curtains, I've managed a little bit of stitching.  First, my little crazy patchwork pillow with a red poppy:

The poppy is a vintage handkerchief.  It's so much fun to use old things in my stitching projects!  I don't normally work in red but it's so cheerful!  I think it's time to expand my rainbow a little bit, don't you?  I mean, I do know that there are other colors besides pink, purple and green!  Ha, ha, ha!  Can you find my little red spider?

Okay, now back to purple and green, this is my current project.  A door hanger pillow with violets:

The violets are also from a vintage handkerchief.  I have little velvet violets that I'll be adding next.

Last but not least for today, and speaking of vintage handkerchiefs, here's the newest addition to our shop:

Awhile back, I found a vintage handkerchief at a flea market with the words Thank You on it.  I bought it and gave it to mom and this is what she made from it!  The blue fabric is from another vintage hankie!  Anyway, what an awesome Handmade Thank You Gift this is! 

Okay, that's my Boutique Commercial for today!  I'm off to stitch for a little while before I tackle those ceiling fans.  If you have nothing to do today, you're welcome to come help me!  LOL!


Robin said...

Yes to the RED (it's my fav color) I do think you need a bigger rainbow because all colors are good. sounds like we have been doing the same spring cleaning but I haven't gotten to the fans yet but will be shortly I'm wanting to paint the sewing room too.
Have a good day,

Robin in Washington State

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'd love to come and clean ceiling fans with you. Just think, with two of us working we'd get them done in no time and then we could stitch!

Sandy said...

Purple is always so special-beautiful.

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