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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby Sleeping Pillows

It was a beautiful day here in McHenry yesterday.  A bit chilly but sunny and ya'll know I like that!

I did some stitching on my Strawberry pillow:

Today is a stay at home day so I plan on having plenty of stitching time for this!

These are the strawberry beads that I made out of polymer clay:

They'll go in the center on a vine with some leaves.  I made these quite awhile back and never used them.

And here a few of mom's latest projects.  She's been working on some Baby Sleeping Pillows:

So pretty!!!!

Have a great day everyone!


Beadwright said...

This IS so pretty. Those strawberrys are amazing as is your art. If you haven't already come by and leave a comment for my birthday giveaway.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Beautiful baby pillows - wish I had a grandkiddie on the way because I would definitely buy one! Your strawberry beads will be a perfect touch.

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