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Friday, December 30, 2011

Slow Motion Stitching

I feel like I'm in slow motion these days.  The problem with Christmas is that it seems like it never ends!  I did have a little stitching time yesterday and worked on my Valentine Cat Doll for a little while:

I am so looking forward to Monday when life goes back to "normal"!  The tree and other things get put away tomorrow.  I like a very routine and structured life style and for the entire month of December, my routine is gone!  It's not that I can't bend enough to have fun, it's just too much all at once.

Anyway, I will have a little time for stitching today and hopefully, I'll have this little kitty doll finished for my blog post tomorrow.


Sandy said...

Any more confusion seems to be the norm. I like my routine too and am happiest when creating.

Beadwright said...

Beautiful Valentine piece. You have me laughing about Monday going back to normal.
Happy 2012

Susan said...

I can empathize. I caught a cold and felt like the whole world was in slomo for a while. I'm starting to catch up a bit. Your cat looks so elegant. I like the red and white theme.

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