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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Valentines Day Pillow

I started on a new project yesterday.  This will be another Valentine's Day pillow:

As you can see, I'm getting ready to stitch another seam!

Marjolein asked a few questions about my Pink Valentine's Day pillow:

I thought I would answer her questions here in case anyone else was wondering about them.  The silk ribbon work is simply French Knots worked with 7MM silk ribbon that I hand dyed myself.  French Knot cluster flowers require a lot of silk ribbon so be sure you have enough of whatever color you choose.

The large, light pink flowers are vintage millinery flowers that I took off of an old hat.  I just sewed them on.

The small, dark pink flowers are new.  They're just silk flowers from a floral stem that I got at Michaels or Walmart at some point.  I just popped them off the stem and sewed them on then added beads for centers.

A quick note to Gail, I tried to reply to your message but I don't have your email address.  Thank you for your comment on liking my tall cat dolls and thank you for "Pinning" it on Pinterest!


Beadwright said...

Ooohhhh this is so pretty!!!!
Love your stitching
Have a happy Christmas

Marjolein said...

Thank you for explaining.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm liking the pink/green colour combination...definitely can be left out to admire all year!

FredaB said...

Hi Pam

You aren't the only one doing Valentines already. I went to the big JoAnnes in Sanford on Wed. and they had moved all the Christmas stuff to the middle on sale and lo and behold there was Valentines stuff all ready to buy.

Now I know why life is speeding by us as they have us running so far ahead of ourselve. Don't think we will ever catch up.

This is probably a nice change for you though from all the gorgeous Christmas stuff you made.

Also what a haul on your beads from Grayslake. Haven't been there in years. Kane county is our usual if we go.

A Merry Christmas to you and all your family. Say hi to Mom from another Mom.



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