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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This And That

First, I'd like to welcome my new followers!  I truly hope you enjoy my posts.  I offer tutorials, recipes, guest bloggers and tons of needlework & craft eye candy! I'd love to hear how you found my blog.

I've been busy the past few days, stitching on some little Halloween Crazy Quilt Cat Dolls!  Here are the first 2:

Halloween Cat Black

Halloween Cat Orange

I have a few more in progress but these are available in the shop now.  I think I'll do an Autumn purse when I complete the next litter of Halloween kitties!

Also in the shop are some new Scarecrow Tussy Mussy's by mom:

Scarecrow Orange Cone

There are 6 different Scarecrow Tussy Mussy's available, each one is different and so cute!  Mom is now working on some Halloween Tussy Mussy's!

Does anyone else feel like it's August already?  I don't know what it is but I feel like I should be putting out a few sunflowers and mums!  Maybe it's the extreme heat we've had the past few weeks.  Feels like I should be baking apple pies & carrot cake!

I've had Autumn on my mind a lot lately and came up with these sweet little Spider Web Needlekeepers:


I just love doing spider webs on Crazyquilts but wanted to make a few needle-keepers.  I'm planning on making a few more of these, not necessarily with spiderwebs but perhaps some flowers.  When I do, I'll write up a tutorial for you.  I'm going to make 1 little change to how I put them together next time.

In other news, Bubba has the gas tank in the Model A:

Model A

And he has the fenders on it:

Model A

Every day is getting a little closer!!!  Scott's been working on it for 7 years now!   If you would like to see more photos of our 1929 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan, click here to visit my Flickr site.

Last week I mentioned that I plan to write some articles on coping with disorders such as ADD/ADHD, BiPolar, depression, anxiety and Seasonal Affective Disorder Syndrome using creativity to ease the symptoms.  From personal experience, I think it's safe to say that I've become quite the expert on the subject.  I like to keep my blog cheerful and uplifting so I won't be complaining about these things.  I've been able to see much of my disorders with a sense of humor!  I just want to help others who who suffer with these things.  I want other women to know that they're not alone and that artistic creativity is tool that we can use to work with the disorders rather than fighting them constantly.  I'll be starting this series of discussions in the next day or so.

I joined the Sister In Bloggerette Sorority at Some Days Are Diamonds blog:

Please hop over to Karen's blog and read about it!  Join too!  I think it'll be fun!

Well, I could swear there was something else I wanted to talk about today but it now eludes me.  I think my brain is fried for the day!  I'll leave you with my sister's newest pair of earrings:

Green Quartz Earrings

These gorgeous green quartz earrings remind of Jadite Fire King!  They are so pretty in person!!!  And, they are available here.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm not at all sure I'm ready to be thinking about Halloween quite yet (altho' I guess it's one way to start thinking 'cool' thoughts). I hate winter so much and even though this summer has been so hot and sticky so far, I still prefer it. Your needlekeepers are so sweet; I love the little spiders!

BSOTF said...

I do really enjoy your blog alot! It covers alot of things which is cool to see. Your work is awlsome to see. Yes, I agree it's time to start getting ready for the upcoming holiday seasons. Thankyou for letting me know I'm not alone at making things for halloween. I'll be back again to see what you make real soon.

wendy said...

Your kittens are adorable! What beautiful work! I was thinking about fall today too! I like all seasons but Fall is my favorite,especially the colors!!! Have a great rest of your week! Wendy

Carol said...

Your kitties sure caught my eye in my blog roll! Its so funny to me that you posted your thoughts on the coming fall.

Its hot and humid in northern Indiana, but somedays I feel like the fall will come early. Locust are crying and acorns are falling!! What the heck. Acorns!

Besides, if you sell your craft you know that you have to start the season early or miss it.

Ruby said...

I found your blog through Kerry at

I enjoyed the peacock tutorial and love your spider web needle books. Thanks. :)

Karen said...

Love the needle keepers and your sweet kitties. Mom's tussie mussies are adorable as well!! You girls have been busy!! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Makes me feel like I am not alone. I have days when I have"meltdowsn", hoping that they continue to only last for a day. I am like you and hate to take meds so I fight my way through this on my own.
Big Hugs

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