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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Easter Purse Continued....

I stitched for about 2 hours this morning:

Easter Purse

The seams are embroidered, the appliqué is sewn down and I started on some SRE. Now for the glitter! The beads & sequins really bring out the beauty in the borders and overall design.

Over the weekend, I added a few 6 Inch Pre-sewn crazy quilt blocks to my Etsy shop. These are the same size as my Button Blocks. I've hand-basted the sewing line and added some lace:

Pre-sewn 6 inch Crazy Quilt Block

Speaking of my Button Blocks, I'm really wanting to put some together so I've decided to take 25 of the pastel colored ones and put them into a quilt. I will continue to make Button Blocks for a bigger quilt down the road and I may use some for door-hangers. I really enjoy making them and looking at them so I thought it would be fun to put together a small quilt for now while I continue to make them. I'll keep you posted on that when I get to it. I think I need a few more pastel colored ones first. I plan to stitch on more of them once I complete the stitching on the Easter purse.

I also want to share with you a new blog that I recently found. Needlework News keeps tabs on other needlework & craft blogs and posts links to interesting articles, new designs and ideas, helpful products and complimentary patterns. It's worth checking out!

Finally for today, here are pages 37 & 38 of my 1936 Herrschner's Catalog:

Herrschners 1

Herrschners 2

These dresses are so beautiful, aren't they? I would so love to have a closet full of these!


Phyllis said...

OMGosh Pam, your little Easter block is so cute! Where on earth did you find that adorable piece of fabric???

Kim said...

Your seam treatments are absolutely gorgeous with the varigated thread, and I love your ribbon roses.


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