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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Button Block 15 & TIF April

I finished up on this one yesterday:

Button Block 15

The black buttons are Victorian glass buttons. I had an issue with the big one. I went to sew it on and found that the shank was missing. I was determined to use it!

I thought of 2 different options for attaching it to the block. First, I thought about gluing a piece of ultra suede to the back and then sewing that on. That seemed too time consuming though.

My next idea, and the one I used, was to sew on a plain boring button and then glue the glass button to it. I used E6000 Jewelry Glue and it worked perfectly!

Judy asked me about the fabric at the bottom with the shiny things on it. That fabric is the stuff with the sequins glued on. It comes in a ton of different colors and because I love my glitter, I have a bunch of it.

I haven't used it too often because my electric machine has a cow every time I do. Electric machines are pretty fast and I think the friction of the needle going through the fabric melts the sequins and gums up my needle.

The treadle machine is a bit slower and couldn't care less what it sews through! So you'll be seeing more of that in upcoming projects.

I'm going to take a break from the Button Crazy Quilt and do my Take It Further April block next:

April Take It Further Block

As I mentioned in my first post the other day, Sharon's concept is "How Do You Feel About Change?" Basically, do you welcome it or avoid it?

Well, I welcome it. As long as it isn't the change of Autumn to Winter!

As with all of my blocks for this project, I am working with both the concept and the color palette. When I saw the colors, I immediately though of Autumn/Winter. My intention will be to change this block into Spring. At this moment, I have no clue about how I'm going to do that!

I did decide that instead of a bird as a focal point, I'm going to use a butterfly. Butterflies are the epitome of change. They also represent "hope" and "freedom".

I went through my vintage jewelry pieces and I have some beautiful butterfly pins but they don't show up well on this block. Scott and I are going to see if we can find something usable this weekend.

Stay tuned. This one is a real challenge!


Judy S. said...

Hi Pam,

When I first saw your TIF block, the first thing that popped into my mind was "fall", but when you stop and think about it, a lot of spring flowers are in shades of yellow...daffodils, especially, and even dandelions! It will be fun to see where this block goes. I love butterflies. Did you see the ones Allie has on her blog?

AmyS said...

I'm sure whatever you do will be gorgeous. I definitely think this will work for Spring. We have a lot of browns and rusts still in the garden, being pushed rudely aside by the vigorous green leaves and shoots that have no patience for those who came before.

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