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Friday, January 04, 2008

More Crazy Quilting

I finished up this little "Kitten In A Basket" ornament last night:

Kitten Ornament

I'll be running my sewing machine for the next few days so I'll get this finished up along with a few other things that need finishing.

Today, I'll be sewing up my block for the Take It Further Challenge. If you remember, I chose "The Victorians" as my admiration theme. I also wanted to work with Sharon's color palette. The image I chose had a blue background and I knew it would be a challenge to work with it as it was. Allison suggested that I see if I can change the colors using my graphic software. Thank you Allison! That's exactly what I did.

Here is the original:

Victorian Tea Lady

And here it is with a golden tint:

Victorian Tea Lady

That gold tint gives it a definite antique look which I think will now work nicely with Sharon's color palette. I will pull the DMC floss colors out that match the palette and then from those, I'll pull my fabrics. Thank goodness for my large (and I'm not ashamed of it) stash! I like having a nice variety of things on hand to work from. I do not have a fabric store here in McHenry where I live. I have WalMart and although I'm thankful for the things I can get there, it most certainly, is not the ultimate in fabric choices!


Allison Ann Aller said...

Nice job on the color tweaking, Pam!
The original would have worked fine..the new one will emphasize the greens in the palette more.
And what I esp. like is the lady's cheeks are warmer and rosier in the second image, which will bounce off the palette better.
Now I need to know how you did it.
I have Photoshop Elements now but am wary of diving in!!!

Judy S. said...

Pam, I think "the Lady" looks better your way! It'll be fun to watch your project progress.

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