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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Smiling Snowman Completed

Boy, that time change sure messes up my inner clock! We've been up since 3:30! Anyway, I finished up the stitching my little Smiling Snowman:

Smiling Snowman

My intention was to sew him up into a little doorknocker/ornament and send him to Pat for The Comfort Doll Project but guess what? I love him so much, I can't part with him! I've decided to keep him for myself so I'll just have to make some more cat dolls!

I'm going to add a little ribbon bow with a jingle bell or a snowflake button. I'll do that when I sew him up and I'll share a final photo then.

If anyone wants to stitch him, the pattern can found in my Etsy shop. You'll get the pattern for this little guy and his companion.

We're heading out to a flea market this morning and I plan to relax for today when we get back. I'll just sit and read later. My next project will be another cat doll so I'll share that block with you tomorrow.


~Velda said...

Pam he's gorgeous! I couldn't part with him either. Let us know if you find anything cool at the flea market!

Sonnja said...

Schön dein stickarbeit

Sonnja, aus die Niederlande

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