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Monday, November 26, 2007

Small Projects

I had quite a bit of stitching time yesterday. I finished up the stitching on this little Santa ornament:

Old Santa Ornament

When I completed that, I started on this little cat doll:

Cat Doll Blue

I'm sure I'll get this one finished up later today and then I'll start on another one. As I mentioned yesterday, I was asked if I would do a couple of these for purchase. I'll do 3 for now as that's what I have sewn up. I hope to get a couple of sewing days in later this week. I have some finishing to do and I want to make some more of the cats to send to Pat as well.


Anonymous said...

Hello Pam,
Your cats are beautiful. The blue and yellow one looks like it will be especially cheerful. Thank you for sharing your work.
Karen B

Susan said...

I love Santa, all sparkled up and ready for the season!

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