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Sunday, November 18, 2007

My New Toy!

For those of you who guessed that I bought an antique treadle sewing machine, yes! You guessed correctly. I'm sure you remember that I mentioned it a few weeks back. We've been looking for quite some time and I finally found what I wanted on Ebay. The pictures are blurry and no, Scott took them, not me:

Antique Singer

Antique Singer 2

This is a 1916 Model 66 with the Redeye decal. I can call Singer with the serial number tomorrow and they will tell me the exact date that this machine was made. I can also order a manual for it directly from Singer!

Anyway, I'll have more photos for you in a week or two. I never expected him to do this but Scott spent 4 hours this morning cleaning the outside of the machine and it is so bright & shiny now! The decals just pop! Then he ran to Home Depot and is now in the process of striping all the old finish off of the cabinet. He insisted on refinishing it for me. I was just happy to have one, I never expected him to refinish it! And I was happy that he was willing to drive to Iowa for it!

Anyway, I'm going to take the machine up to my Singer guy and have him clean it mechanically and I have to get a belt for it and then I can play! When it's all done and back together, I'll have more photos for you. I just thought you'd like to see my new toy.


loulee1 said...

Well done Pam. Scott is a honey fpr helping out. Enjoy your new toy.

Lynne said...

What a bootyful new toy! I wish you many happy hours playing with it!

Cindy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cindy said...

Oops...that deleted comment was me.

What a beautiful find!

Janet said...

Oh's the exact one my MIL Has! It's in wonderful looking condition, I think your wood work is in better shape than hers, but the machine is Identical!

Congratulations on your new toy... It's wonderful!

Susan said...

Beautiful machine. Sounds like Scott is almost as excited about it as you are. It looks so pretty, I wouldn't even have guessed the wood needed refinishing! How exciting!

~Velda said...

oh my, that is stunning!!!!! Lucky you!

saintsalive said...

Wow...I was blessed enough to find the cabinet but have not seen a treadle machine to put into it. Hope you enjoy it!

Anonymous said...


I purchased a treadle machine and stand today that is identical to your machine and stand. The cabinet and machine are all in great shape and working order. It has all the tools, accessories, and the manual. I paid $175. I had been looking for a while and come up on this one on a website called You can find anything on there.

The lady that I purchased the machine from said that her husband was the one that had used it. He made a lightweight tent and sleeping bag. So, when my husband and I got home, he started working with mine. I hope this is going to be a new hobby for him. I have never used a treadle machine and am looking forward to making something. I really cannot imagine the exhaustion that the ladies experienced in the old days using these type machines. We have really been spoiled.

Have a great day.


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