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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Flea Market Finds

Well, I didn't get to stitching yesterday like I had planned. I worked later than I wanted to, trying to meet a deadline and I was a little tired when I finished up so I grabbed my book and curled up on the sofa until Scott came home.

Before dinner, we ran up to Michaels to get some handles for my Christmas tree purse. I'd like to get that sewn up on Friday along with a few other things that need finishing.

In the meantime, I thought you would enjoy seeing my goody's from the Flea Market this past Sunday:

Flea Market Finds

As you can see, I found some pretty vintage trim, some gorgeous vintage millinery flowers and loads of pins! A few are vintage and some are newer. The snowman is obviously new. It's for the Winter themed cellphone pouch that I want to make for my mother in law. I wanted a vintage rhinestone snowman but we couldn't find any so I bought this one. He's very cute and should work nicely. I'll stitch that up after I finish my current comfort cat doll.

Be sure to check out that little umbrella pin. It's just too cute!


Susan said...

My favorite is the little umbrella! That's going to be great on something. The ribbon is also gorgeous, and I know you will find someplace wonderful to use that.

~Velda said...

Those are beautiful -- my entire christmas is pink (and silver/gold and mixing in some purple now) so those are really really beautiful to me!

(PS Do you know where I can find a comfort doll pattern, you've inspired me)

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