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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Finally, Some Pictures For You!

Yesterday was so annoying! I was getting disconnected every 5 minutes and when I was able to stay online, I kept getting "timed out"! But I was finally able to get my pictures uploaded to my Flickr site last night. I thought I'd better get to blogging now before the internet gets busy again! It must be because there's no school this week. At least here there isn't any school this week! Argggg........

Here is the little Snowman Cellphone Pouch that I made for my mother-in-law:

Winter Cellphone Pouch

I gave this her on Saturday when we saw her in Princeton, Il. She loved it! She immediately took off her Autumn pouch and put this one on!

I also finished my Christmas Tree Purse:

Christmas Purse

I can't wait to use this! But I'm saving it for December 1st!

In other news, I called Singer yesterday and they were able to give the exact date that my antique sewing machine was made. May 3, 1916 in Elizabeth, NJ! How cool is that?!!! And she told me that if I need a manual, I can download it from their website. That was the only thing missing from this machine so I downloaded it and printed it up. All the original attachments that came with the machine are here including the original wooden needlecase and the oil can!

Scott is almost done with striping the cabinet. He said this is one the easiest pieces he's ever done! On Friday, I'll take the machine to the sewing machine man and have him clean it inside and make sure it's mechanically in order. When we get it all done and put back together, my mom is going to come and show me how to treadle! I can't wait!!! At first she thought I was crazy wanting a treadle machine. She learned how to sew on a treadle and much prefers electric machines now but I think she finally understands how charming I think antique sewing machines are! And not only are they functional, but old stuff has visual appeal as well! My sister always says, "you and that moldy, oldy stuff!" Yep, I love old stuff! It's all so cool to look at! I plan to piece my CQ's on it and then do the finishing on my electric machine.

Finally, Sharon B. is thinking about her next "challenge project". She proposed a monthly project where everyone could work in their own medium and form. For me, I would do a CQ block per month and at the end, I would have 12 blocks to sew into a quilt. I love this idea!!! If you would like to read more of Sharon's thoughts on this project, hop over to her website.

Ok, I'm off to clean my house a bit and get ready for Thanksgiving!


Susan said...

I'm with you on moldy-oldy, and my sister is with your sister. =) I guess some of us got the gene and some of us didn't! There is a whole quilting group who do all their work on treadles. They get together at one person's house, who has quite a few of them, and have a retreat!

I like your finishes. I love what you do with the little pins. I decided that if Sharon's vote goes the other way - to the UFOs, etc., then I am going to do my own monthly thing. =)

sharonb said...

Thanks for highlighting the challenge Pam I appreciate it and as usual I like your latest finishes

loulee1 said...

Both of the purses look great Pam, I especially like the snowman.

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