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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Christmas Tree Purse - Stitching Complete!

I only had about 6 groups of Trick Or Treaters yesterday. Fine with me. That gave me plenty of time to finish my Christmas purse without too many interuptions:

Christmas Tree Purse

My husband was kind of funny the other day. I had just finished adding the beads & sequins to the flower applique on the left when he came in from mowing lawn, looked at it and said to me, "I knew you couldn't leave that poinsettia flower alone!" Ha, ha, ha! He's too funny!

Anyway, the little packages under the tree are for card making and small mini projects. They're styrofoam wrapped with foil. I bought mine at WalMart last year. Because they're styrofoam, the needle goes right through them! Like I said the other day, if I can sew it on, I will sew it on!
And speaking of sewing, I'll get this assembled as soon as I can. I want it ready to use by December 1st. I have to get up to Michaels this weekend and see what kind of handles and foo-foo fringe they have. I'd love to find foo-foo fringe in dark green! Red would work too but I'd prefer green.

Ok so on to my next project. Ever since I designed these sweet little snowman faces last week, they have been screaming at me to stitch one:

Smiling Blackwork Snowmen

Most of you know that I spend most of stitching time doing CQ and some outline embroidery with my vintage transfer collection. It's been a very long time since I've done charted stitching but I just love these guys.

I decided to stitch one up and make it into a doorknocker/ornament and send it to Pat for the Comfort Doll project. With the holidays coming, it should bring some extra cheer to someone in need of comfort. And besides, who doesn't like a sweet little snowman?!!!!

So later today, I'll pull some fabric and the thread colors and I'll start stitching. After that, I'll probably work up another cat doll.


Allison Ann Aller said...

The Christmas purse is absolutely lovely, Pam.
I saw one of your blocks in somebody's booth in Houston...I think it was Krenick? It was so good to see a Pam Kellogg piece up close and personal!

Pat Winter said...

It is a beautiful Christmas block. I am happy to hear there is someone else out there who uses scrapbook items on their CQ! Way to go!!!

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