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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cats & Cellphone Pouches

I finished up the stitching on this little Comfort Cat Doll yesterday:

Tan Cat

I'd like to get one more of these stitched up soon and then I'll have two to send to Pat.

I was asked on several occasions, where I found my cat pattern. Actually, I designed it myself for the Comfort Doll Project. I have also been asked if I could consider selling the pattern. No, I prefer to keep this one for my own projects. I know that probably sounds kind of funny considering all the complimentary patterns that I post here but this one is special to me. When I have some free time, I'll look around online and see if I can find a nice complimentary cat pattern and I'll post the link here.

In the meantime, my next project will be this little Winter themed cellphone pouch:

Winter Cellphone Pouch

This is a gift for my mother in law. I make her one every couple of months. The little snowman pin I bought the other day will go in the center. This should be a fun project because it's suitable for loads of sparkly sequins! I love glitter! In case I haven't mentioned that before!!!

In other news, hop over to Allison's blog and see what she did with my little Alice Brooks Rose pattern that I posted the other day. Fun project and a nice visual effect!


~Velda said...

That's lovely Pam! Nice's so pretty. Well your inspiration rubbed off. I drew a line, shaped like a doll I'd seen , cut it out and have been working all morning. I pretty new to fiber arts (really old to cross stitching tho) so I fight a little with what I *want* it to look like and what it *really* looks like lol..I'll post it later today on my blog

I think you're completely right in keeping your kitty for yourself, afterall it's your designer namesake :)

Susan said...

The kitty belongs to you. =) I like the spiderweb on this one. Your blue cell phone purse is going to be so cute! She has a whole wardrobe of purses to match wherever she's going, then!

LouAnne said...

Pam: How do women like your pouches with the over-the-shoulder cords? I was thinking of making these for my 3 girls this Christmas but I noticed that they keep their cellphone in their purses. Have you ever made any without the cording? Curious,LouAnne

Kim said...

I love the blackwork and embellishments on this comfort kitty!


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