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Monday, November 19, 2007


The internet is slower than molasses in the Winter today! I keep getting disconnected and timed out and I can't get photos to upload to Flickr to save my life! I have no patience for this!

I finished up my Christmas purse and that little snowman cellphone pouch and I have photos but they won't go through today. I'll wait a little while and try again. It's just so aggravating!

Thank you to everyone who posted nice comments about my sewing machine. I'm so thrilled with it! Scott is almost done striping the old finish off the cabinet. I really didn't expect him to do this. I thought it was fine the way it was although I'll admit, I really don't like dark wood. The cabinet is Tiger Oak with the most beautiful grain so I'm very grateful that he's willing to refinish it for me. He won't stain it, he'll just get it all cleaned up and he'll put clear finish on it so it'll be that nice light oak color and the tiger stripes will really pop out!

Ok, when I can get those photos to upload, I'll post them here.


Pat Winter said...

you aren't alone. I can't get admitted to my own comfort doll blog. They say I do not exist. Argh!!!!!

Susan said...

I'll look forward to seeing pictures when blogger cleans up its act again! The oak will be beautiful. My mom's was a rose oak. Any kind of oak is beautiful to me.

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