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Thursday, November 08, 2007

4 Seasons Blackwork Biscornus

I'm posting quite late today! I was trying to get the graphic work ready on these new designs:

4 Season Blackwork Biscornus

I was asked recently if I'd ever consider doing some Biscornu designs in Blackwork. Well, many of you know that I adore Blackwork so it was quite doable for me!

The designs are based on traditional Elizabethan motifs. There is one for each season. I don't include directions for finishing into Biscornu's. Those directions are available as online tutorials with a quick Google search.

You can find these in my Etsy shop.


Kim said...

I love Blackwork and Biscornu's! I think I'll make my first Biscornu, a Blackwork one. The seasonal themes are an added plus!

Thanks for creating them!


Charlene said...

Thanks for sharing all these motifs. Just passing by now, but will come back. Your Christmas purse is lovely!!

Susan said...

Well, look at that! You just whipped those right out. =) They'd make great ornaments, too.

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