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Thursday, November 22, 2007

2007 Christmas Mystery Revealed!

Good Morning Everyone!

For those of you who didn't join in on the Christmas Mystery Stitch-Along Project but have read my constant chatter about it, I thought you would enjoy seeing a photo of the entire design. Part 4 was released yesterday so that completes and reveals the mystery:

Christmas Mystery 2007

This design will remain available in my Etsy shop. It will arrive via USPS as a large print, easy to read b/w paper pattern.

My next mystery design is complete and will be the 2008 Valentine Mystery Stitch-Along:

2008 Valentine Mystery Stitch-Along

Sign up will start next week. If you're interested in joining in on that project, please keep an eye on my blog here for more details in the coming days.

On a final note, I'm re-releasing some of the past mystery projects. There are few I think that weren't available on my website so as I have time, I'll add those to my Etsy shop. Please keep an eye out for them.

Ok, I'm off to straighten up the house a bit and get the turkey ready to put into the oven! Have a great day everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!


coral-seas said...

Hi Pam, I have a lot on currently so relucantly decided I could not take part in your stitch-along as well, but I have enjoyed the weekly reveals.

Thank for designing and co-ordinating the challenge but especially thanks for sharing it with those of us not participating.

Love the design, it would look great in the middle of my dining table on Christmas day.


Susan said...

I love the finished piece! I'm definitely signing up for the Valentine one, whether I get it finished this year or in 5 years! Thanks for sharing the picture of the final piece.

Jo in NZ said...

You're off to put the turkey in the oven? You're off to cook aren't you Pam??

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