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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

New DMC Perle Cottons

Several years ago, DMC came out with a set of shaded embroidery threads which they called, "Color Variations". I loved them! Many times while stitching with them I thought to myself, these would be great in Perle #5! DMC must have been reading my mind because they've recently released these threads in Perles:


Aren't these just yummy?!!! Oooof! I wanted to share a photo of them with you before I started using them.

I don't see them listed on DMC's website yet but they are available from Herrshnerr's. Here's the direct link to the thread listing.


Janet said...

So funny Pam, just before I checked here, I got an email from DMC newsletter...and they had the color variations listed!

Neat looking colors!

Bunny said...

Those are lovely. I don't do alot of embroidery. A while back I purchased a grab bag full of different flosses, and ended up with a bunch of Dmc Rayon floss I have no idea what to do with. If they would interest you, let me know. I am in the middle of a craft room downsize and clean out.

helen said...

Strange you've not seen these before - I've got a piece of needlework I'm doing, and have been for at least 6 years (I'm one of those that starts a project, gets fed up with it and forgets it for ages before going back and picking it up again!).

And guess what? I'm using DMC Perle 5 varigated threads in it, and have done right from the begining!

They are great threads, wonderful colours (and no - I haven't spelt 'colour' incorrectly!) and so easy to work with!

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