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Thursday, October 11, 2007

A New Block

I stitched up the little green comfort cat doll the other day and now it's ready for finishing:

Olive Green Comfort Cat

I was asked which line I sew on. The sewing line is the inside line, the basting stitch. I have a tendency to push the envelope with beads so I hand-baste the sewing line and then I know I can't go any further with beads. The outside line is the cutting line. I top-stitch that with my machine to hold the fabrics in place.

So this one will be my next project:

Car Block

I know a car is a funny theme for a CQ. That's my father in law's antique Model A. This is a gift for Scott's step-mom for Christmas. I'll be making it into a totebag. I thought it would be nice for her to take to all the car shows that they go to.

Anyway, Margaret likes sunflowers so I'll be doing this with yellows, creams and browns. I plan to start on it later today so stay tuned for progress reports.

1 comment:

Allison Ann Aller said...

I love the car! It's nice to see something new being CQed....

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