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Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Few Finishes

I sewed up my latest two comfort cat dolls yesterday:

Finished Comfort Cats

I so enjoy making these! I'm going to piece a couple more of them today so I have some that are ready to stitch on. I'll send these 2 to Pat when I go to the Post Office this week.

I also did the beading on my current cellphone pouch:

Pink Lady Cellphone Pouch

She has the face of an angel, doesn't she? Today, I'll sew this up along with the Autumn one.

I haven't decided what to stitch on next. I have quite a few projects all lined up so I need to just pick one!

On another note, Susan asked me if my Cubbies won the other day! Not only did they win on Friday but they also won last night! And I am thrilled to say that the Chicago Cubs are now in first place!!!!

Yes, I am bouncing off the walls with joy & happiness right now! I mean, the words "Cubs", "August" and "First-Place" don't usually go together! Ha, ha, ha!!! So I'm sure ya'll know what visions are playing on in my head right now........Ok, in case you don't, I'm thinking "Cubs", "October" and "World Series"!!!


loulee1 said...

The kitties look great Pam, so does your latest pouch.

Way to go the cubs!

Amy a.k.a. dragonryder4 said...

Pam your Kitties are so pretty :) I just love your cellphone pouch too ! One of these day's I'll get around to making one . How do you put your cellphone pouches together ?

Susan said...

She does have an angel face. That's what I find so appealing. She reminds me of a silkie I bought from Peggy at Kaliko Kottage. I could print a dozen and have a whole quilt of them, if I had the copyright!

Okay, unless the Cubs are playing the Snakes (Diamondbacks) I can root for them for you. =) When's the last time they did this well?

Love your kitty dolls.

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