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Saturday, August 25, 2007

All Done!

More rain yesterday so I stitched and completed the Silhouette Lady block:

Silhouette Lady

I wish you could hold this and feel how heavy it is from all the beads and do-dads! Anyway, I want to thank Janet for the red crystal heart that I used above the image. It's the perfect do-dad for that little corner! Thank you Janet!

When I finished stitching on that, I started another Comfort Doll to send to Pat:

Redwork Comfort Cat

No, I wasn't thinking Christmas or Valentine's Day! I was thinking Redwork! I thought it would be a fun color combination and I think I'm still in red mode after doing the Silouette Lady! Anyway, I'm going to stencil some ivy leaves on my living room walls this afternoon and then I'll stitch on the cat some more.

On another quick note, the CQ Christmas ornament kits are sold out. I'll work up a few more when I have some free time.


Kim said...

I thought redwork, too. This is going to be so pretty!

I love how your silhouette cellphone pouch turned out!


Susan said...

I love redwork, and this will be a great example of it. The red and black silhouette block looks wonderful! Such an elegant lady.

Melusine said...

I hope you don't mind but I have just downloaded your red and black block to print off. It is an inspiration. I thought at first that all the cream you added was wrong but when all the stitching and beads appears the cream receeded into the background. It was stunning to see the difference in the pre- and post- stitch-bead stages. Thank you.

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