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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mozart & More!

I spent most of the day yesterday working on Maxine's quilt. I think I only have 3 more patches to replace but I got a bit bored with doing that so I started reworking the seam stitches on some of the ones that I've already replaced.

I also noticed this velvet piece with a hand-painted flower:

Maxines Quilt 1

This needs more embellishing! So I started by stem-stitching around the flower:

Maxines Quilt 2

I'll be adding some beads to this and then perhaps some more embroidery.

I realized that I'm obsessing about this quilt and what to do with it. My peacock idea isn't going to work out the way I had planned. That beaded area, that I spent 5 hours repairing last week is in the center! Argggg.........

Scott suggested that I start working with what's already here and once I get into that, the rest will work it's way through on it's own.

I'm overwhelmed because of the size of this quilt. The largest whole cloth quilt I've ever done is my Lucky quilt which is 29 inches square. First I'll focus on the rest of the repairs.

My other project, that I'm obsessing over is my Mozart purse. Again, thank you to everyone who took the time to give me your opinions on the 2nd trim. Taking your comments into consideration, I decided to look through my stash and find something else.

I had 3 different trims that worked. One was a salmon colored trim with a velvet ribbon running through it. It worked, but my eye went straight to the trim rather than the design.

The 2nd trim was a light blue with silver threads in it. Again, it worked but it just wasn't right.

Finally, I pulled out this ruffled trim with the metallic gold threads in it and I like but it I'm still not sure this is what I will use.

Mozart With Fringe

Stop by tomorrow and see what I decide on.


Charlene said...

Will the bottom trim be sewn on the outside of the bag, or will it 'peek' out from the bottom seam with mostly the scalloped edge and dangles showing?

Sequana said...

I've been following this decision of yours. It's so difficult to find something that doesn't distract from the central motif.

Maybe some dangles that are totally clear on a base that really blends in with the bottom fabric.

It's really gonna be beautiful tho, isn't it?

Jo in NZ said...

This trim works for me Pam. It is 'lighter' and not so gold. It doesn't detract from the block and embellishement.
I will wait and see what you decide.

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