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Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Gift From Gina

I don't know what it is about opening my mailbox and seeing a surprise package in there from one of my online friends. It's just so exciting to know that someone thought of me!

Yesterday, I received a package from Gina. Oooh, there's really something neat about about a package arriving all the way from Australia! Probably because I know that Australia is so far away! (No, I don't get out much!)

Anyway, Gina sent me a goody pack filled with gorgeous laces and buttons:


Are these amazing or what? Such lovely things to embellish crazy quilts with. I just can't wait to work them into new projects. Gina, thank you so very much for your gift! I love everything!

BTW - did you know that you can take the binding off of gathered lace? I just use a seam ripper or my embroidery scissors and clip the stitches. Once the binding is off, you can press it with your iron and you then have flat lace!

My mom also gave me a goody bag with all sorts of new fabrics and trims but the battery in my camera was about to run out so I'll save that photo for another day.

For now, I'm thrilled to tell you that my design work is complete! I did 28 designs in 3 days! They were mini designs but that's still a lot of work and I really pushed myself to get them done. I'm certainly happy for having the work but my true love is the hands-on stitching so now I'll be getting back to working on Maxine's quilt, my antique quilt and several other projects.

Coming later this week will be the completed Dragonfly Cellphone Pouch. That one is spoken for so I plan to get that assembled and ready to ship to it's new owner.

Also this week, I have a custom order for a Red Hat Society Lady Cellphone Pouch so I'll be piecing that block and stitching on that.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a new complimentary charted design. It's a pretty little design, perfect for a small gift or as a focal point on a crazy quilt!


patternnuts said...

Isn't mail fun? The good kind, not bills and that sort!
Oh I can hardly wait to see what you are releasing. Nor can I imagine designing anything near that amount! Congrats!

Gina E. said...

LOL Pam, you are a hoot - Australia is so far away and you don't get out much - ha! I'm glad you liked all those goodies, but I am surprised you want any more buttons, with all those jars full! Well, I shouldn't be surprised at all. Who has a trunk full of linen, aida, teatowels, aprons, etc ready to be stitched on, as well as a box of transfers to iron on to abovementioned items? Not to mention a hundred magazines, of which the ones you send me are my favorites! Yup - me. We're all crazy, aren't we!
I'm looking forward to seeing the Red Hat Society cellphone pouch you are working on - how cute is that!

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