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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Embellishing Maxine's Quilt

I spent almost all day yesterday working on Maxine's quilt. I spoke with her on the phone yesterday afternoon and I'll be meeting with her on Friday. We're going to re-evaluate this project a bit. I'll let you know over the weekend where this will be going.

In the meantime, here are the things I did yesterday. First, I had a lot of trouble with the velvet pansies that I made. I've made them before and they always worked out great but for some reason, they didn't this time.

Instead, my mom crocheted a few pansies for me:

Antique Crazy Quilt Embellishment

I love these! They look so old-fashioned. I sewed them onto a large patch and added a few vintage velvet millinery flowers. The leaves are the ones that I bought in Galena on Monday. I sewed them on and then added a few sequins down the centers for sparkle.

Next, I did some Yo-Yo flowers. Ladies, if you enjoy working with Yo-Yo's, this is the way to go! I made 3 Yo-Yo's in less than 10 minutes using the Clover Yo-Yo Maker that I mentioned in yesterday's post:

Antique Crazy Quilt Embellishment 2

This patch has a "ready to stitch" design printed on it. It's velveteen and was printed in white. Some of the design was under the patch above it so I stitched the leaves and then added the Yo-Yo flowers. I made these from Panne Velvet. Not easy to work with as it's stretchy but with the Yo-Yo maker, it was a piece of cake!

Using some of the Chenille thread that Sharon sent to me, I did some big Lazy Daisy stitches and then beaded inside of those.

This was an interesting piece. The design was painted onto this silk patch:

Antique Crazy Quilt Embellishment 3

The paint however, was starting to crack so I followed what was there, stitching the stems & leaves and then added my signature bugle beads to the centers of the Lazy Daisy leaves. I then used some vintage velvet Forgetmenot flowers from Maxine's collection of things that she gave me to use on this quilt.

Last but not least, I added some silk flowers to this already couched on vine:

Antique Crazy Quilt Embellishment 4

Again, I added some beads to the center of these.

I'll be working on this again most of the day today. What I think we're going to do is to balance it out a bit more, adding just a few more "points of interest" here and there and then adding a new back and binding. I'll explain more on that over the weekend.


Melusine said...

Hello there - thatnks for the updates, they make fascinating viewing. I have two questions:

1 - does your mum use a pattern for her crotchet pansies?

2 - are yo-yo flowers the same as Suffolk puffs?

Pam Kellogg said...

Hi Melusine,

Yes, my mom uses a vintage pattern for her crocheted pansies.

As for the Yo-Yo's, I've never heard of Suffolk puffs. Can you describe those to me?

Melusine said...

Basically Suffolk Puffs are circles of fabric which have a running stitch worked round the edged of them - the thread is then pulled to gather the edge into the centre creating somthing a bit like a bag which is then flattened with the gathered bit in the centre. They are very popular for making toys. I'd made them a couple of times - when I made some Yule bells for gifts.

PS - is there any chance of getting a copy of the pansy pattern?

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