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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I'm at a loss for a title for today's post which may end up being rather long. Please hang in here with me while I attempt to cover my many thoughts regarding current projects and themes.

First, I did not manage any stitching time yesterday. I have a stack of design-work here and I feel as if it's a mile high! I've been working on it and am grateful to have work but I'll admit, my mind is constantly on my stitching and the endless string of ideas that flow into my head. Many times, I think of what it would be like to be a "lady of leisure", having all the time in the world to work on what I consider to be my "bliss". This is certainly an option for me but I know I would miss charted design work if I excluded it from my routine. I know too that my work is appreciated by many cross-stitchers who would also miss out on the enjoyment of creating projects from my designs. So I will continue to balance design work with my need for "hands-on work".

Since I didn't have time to stitch yesterday, I don't have an update on my Button Flower piece. Believing that "everything happens for a reason", I'm glad I wasn't able to go any further on this piece as I was again inspired by Sharon to take it in a new direction! Hop over to her In A Minute Ago blog and read her post for today on Denim.

I too, have a pile of worn out jeans sitting in my laundry closet, waiting to be given some new life!
I have since decided that I will use a piece of denim for the background rather than the black velvet that I had originally intended on using. The black velvet is too elegant for this piece. The denim will give it the more casual look that I envisioned. Combined with a cool fringing technique that I saw in the current issue of Haute Handbags magazine, I can see the finished project completed in my mind. Since everything starts with a thought, I expect to move forward with this later today.

On the same subject, I had one stitcher take me up on my spontaneous design challenge from my post of April 30th. Kirsten of Kissy Cross blog worked a lovely example of "3 flowers in a circle". Kirsten's stitched piece includes buttons, beads, embroidery, a butterfly charm and do I see sequins? You know I love those! I see a variety of stitches and am so looking forward to then next phase of Kirsten's project.

Moving on now to my next crazy quilt piece, I was absolutely thrilled to see how many of my readers guessed correctly! Yes, the man in the image is indeed Mozart! "The greatest composer ever!" as declared by Albert Einstein.

I have loved Classical music for as long as I can remember and Mozart is indeed my favorite composer. The inspiration (remember, inspiration is everywhere) for a CQ piece with Mozart's image as a focal point came to me a few weeks back while I was listening to his Piano Concerto #25. That concerto has always been a favorite of mine. I immediately searched for an image of this famous painting which I printed on an inkjet fabric sheet and worked into a block. I chose the fabric colors based on the background of the painting.

In my post from yesterday, I mentioned several things that I would like to emphasis on this piece. First, I have to make it absolutely clear as to who this is. To accomplish that, I will be embroidering his signature somewhere on the block. Also, you may remember the batch of vintage jewelry pieces that I found at a flea market on Easter morning:

Vintage Jewelry 1

If you look closely, you'll notice a rhinestone Treble Clef pin. I bought that specifically for this block. Hopefully, between Mozart's signature and the Treble Clef pin, I will be able to make it absolutely clear as to who this is.

Another thing that I thought about yesterday while I was working is this, how much information can I actually squeeze into a 9 inch block? Yesterday, I talked about the era and region in which he lived. Mozart was born in 1756 in Salzburg and died in Vienna in the year 1791. How in the world can I convey that region on a 9 inch block along with everything else that I want to include? I decided that this was not the most important aspect of Mozart's life and therefore, I really have no need to include that. Making it clear as who this is will point to the region in which he lived.

What's most important for me is to capture the essence of his music. When I listen to anything composed by Mozart, even his heavier pieces, I envision a gorgeous well-tended flower garden. His music is flowery, colorful and uplifting. It puts me in a higher, more peaceful state of mind. When I hear his work, I can almost smell roses! So although this is not my usual "garden themed" block, it will of course have flowers on it.

Another aspect of Mozart that I would like to include is the embroidery style of the era in which he lived. I spent about an hour this morning researching 18th century fashion and embroidery. I would like to take a moment to thank my reader Coral-Seas for the link to Bjarne Drews website. Do hop over to see some of the most exquisite costume embroidery you will ever see! Here is where I found the inspiration for the colors and embroidery style that I will be using on my next block which from now on will be referred to as "The Mozart Journey".

Normally, I don't spend nearly this much time and energy on what to do with a CQ block. I usually just start stitching and let the block tell me what it wants and needs. In this case though, the theme is very specific and very special to me so I want to think things through well in advance so that I can express my love of Mozart's work to the best of my abilities.

On a final note, (and I do apologize for the length of this post although many of you have told me that you love to see how my mind works so I have no regrets here) I will be watching the movie Amadeus later today to get an even better feel for the fashion of the mid to late 18th century. If you have seen the movie Amadeus, I would like to mention that it is fiction based loosely on the actual events of Mozart's life. Although beautifully written and filmed, Amadeus is not a true biography. If you would like to read a brief, yet actual biography on Mozart you can find it here.

To conclude for today, the Mozart block will be finished into a purse and in case you hadn't guessed, I will be keeping it for myself.


Scarf It Up! said...

I just tagged you! Go read my blog for the rules!

Gina E. said...

Don't you EVER stop designing cross stitch, Pam! I am tickled to know that you like classical music too - Ken and I enjoy it most of the time these days, although we have wide ranging tastes in music. Have you heard of Andre Rieu? If not, go to my list of blogs on Patra's Place and check out my blog for his Aussie fans. There are links on the sidebar that will take you to his website and other fansites.

Susan said...

Mozart is not my favorite, but I do love his piano concertos. Did you know that #25 wasn't played for about 150 years after his death? Hard to imagine, isn't it?

Sometime during the depression, it was played here in the states, and now experts, whoever they are, say it's one of his best. Of course, it's tricky getting it. I like Leonard Bernstein's CD. Mozart on one side and Beethoven on the other. So to speak. =) I don't have it, but I like that one. Is that the one you have?

Great idea for a block on him. Einstein liked him because of the mathematical precision of his music, (and because it sounds so good, I'm sure!) which is also why it is so good to play to help children relax and open their minds to learning.

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