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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Mozart Journey Begins

First, since "loose ends" make me crazy, I decided to take today and do the finishing on my 3 most recent crazy quilt projects.

My Little Brown Bird purse is all together now. I just have to do the hand-finishing:

Bird Purse

Next is my Heart Shaped Peacock piece. I have no clue on what to do with this. I want to make it into a cellphone pouch and I have several ideas for accomplishing this. First, I could sew it up into the heart shape with a backing and then do the same with another heart and then top stitch the two together. This will automatically give it a lining and I would only have a little bit of hand-sewing to do then. But my top stitching is not always perfect so I'm think my best option would be to sew it into a heart shape with a backing, then sew my regular cellphone pouch and attach the heart to the front of it. My mind is telling me that this is my best option so that's probably what I will go with.

Peacock Heart Crazy Quilt

Finally, I want to finish my Button Flowers into a cellphone pouch:

Button Flowers

This one will be finished just like all my other pouches. I was asked how big this was. The stitched/beaded area is approx. 4 inches. This pouch will be just a twinge bigger then what my CQ pouches are. I'll have to go 5 inches X 5 or 6 inches. No big deal. More room for more money and hands-free shopping!

The Mozart Journey began last night! But it was a slow start. I think I put way too much thought into this and when I looked at it, I had no idea what to do with it. I decided that I didn't need to see the whole staircase, I only needed to take one step at a time so I started with auditioning some lace pieces:

Mozart Crazy Quilt Purse

The lace isn't sewn down yet. I need to look at it for a bit and see if this works. I'm pleased with the antique metallic gold lace to the left and the cream colored lace to the right but I'm not sure about the rose appliqué yet. If I do go with it, I'll give a hint of a salmon pink color and then antique it.

So what do you all think? Does the rose appliqué work? Or do you think it's too large?


Allison Ann Aller said...

Maybe if the rose lace was tea-dyed...or dipped in potassium permangenate (the blue stuff vets use on horses: dilute it with water. when you dip anything into it, it takes on an old gold color, deeper color the longer you leave your fibers in it. Iron and then rinse....)
Then it wouldn't dominate so much. It is gorgeous....

June said...

I like the roses when you color them in some way. You'll probably add some beading and then it won't look to big.
Somehow I equate Mozart with roses??

sharonb said...

Hi Pam
I was tagged to reveal 7 things about me and the second part of the meme is to tag a further 7 people so I thought of you – hope you don't mind and of course if you don't feel like responding you don't have to – its just an internet game which if you don't see as fun or if you don't have time it's OK

loulee1 said...

Hi Pam, I think if you dye the roses in some way they will be fine, and like June says by the time you add your beads and other dodads........well.

Christine(CQI) said...

I love the roses and can see them tinted-maybe green? (My husband got me pale green roses for our anniversy and they are really pretty. The shiny white is obviously to hi-contrast but I think the size and placement are just right.

Lynne said...

Sizewise, I think the roses are fine, and the apparent size will shrink when the lace is dyed. I do, though, think the piece is the wrong SHAPE - it needs more of a bend in it. As it is, there's noplace for the eye to go without having to make a very abrupt turn, instead of a smooth sweep. As a piece of lace, though, it's gorgeous! JMO - YMPD(the P is for 'probably').


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