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Saturday, May 26, 2007

More Repair On My Quilt

I hope I'm not confusing anyone, working on 2 antique Crazy Quilts at the same time. From now on, I'll refer to these as either "My Quilt" or "Maxine's Quilt".

This one is my quilt:

My Antique Crazy Quilt Repair 1

Here you can see the damaged area that I worked on yesterday. I only replaced one fabric patch and then focused on replacing some of the damaged stitching in the area around it. In the case of this patch, I wasn't really sure what stitch was used directly on this patch. I think it was the Feather Stitch so that's what I did.

Here is a photo of the repaired area:

My Antique Crazy Quilt Repair

I do hope you all find this interesting and not boring. I plan to take a break from these projects here and there to do some of my insane, extremely embellished things. I'm not sure why I feel so compelled to repair this quilt. I'm assuming it's due to my appreciation of handmade things as well as my love of historical textiles. Because this is dated 1888, has the stitchers name on it as well as references to the location in which "I think" it was made, it called to me when I saw it at the flea market and it's almost as if I have to do this. It's kind of a strange feeling but there's something so wonderful about having the ability to save this quilt.

It's not my intention though, to replace every teeny tiny bit of damage. I want to keep the integrity and aged look of this quilt. I only want to replace what absolutely needs to be replaced to keep it from further deterioration.

I promised to share some historical facts with you in relationship to this quilt. My friends Susan and Bennie shared this information with me. The following is quote from Bennie's email to me:

"Seems like the souvenir ribbon was from the presidential campaign of Grover Cleveland & his running mate Allen Thurman. Actually, they lost the election that year, so maybe that makes your quilt more valuable? I'm not sure what the auxiliary stock exchange referred to - the stock market wasn't established until 1892. Maybe it was just a group of men who invested in stocks. I'm sure you are right that the quilt was made in NY - since Grover Cleveland was raised in upstate NY."

Very interesting, huh? Here's a photo of one of the 4 souvenir ribbons dated 1888:

My Antique Crazy Quilt 3

Well, that's it for today. I want to work on this one some more later and I want to work on Maxine's quilt as well. I think you'll find that one very interesting as Maxine wants me to not only repair it, but further embellish it. And not in the traditional antique style but in my "insane Pam Kellogg" style. This will be a challenge as my heart & mind are resisting. Scott told me that I can't look at it as "defacing" it but instead, I have to look at it as "making it better". I already have a couple of cool ideas but first I have to replace the damaged fabrics.


coral-seas said...

You bet it's interesting. It seems like a huge project to me, not one I would undertake. I shall be watching with interest.


Lynne said...

Not boring at all! I'm fascinated at the entire process, and can only stand in amazement that you're going to do this entire process three(?) times!

Is there any chance you could talk Maxine into some sort of happier middle ground somewhere between traditional and your "insane Pam Kellogg" style? I can definitely understand your feelings of "defacing" the quilt by adding all the modern bells and whistles, admirable as they are in their own context.

Kim said...

The process is definitely NOT boring! I love seeing the before and after pictures, and how you "interpret" the needed repairs.

Please don't stop sharing with us.


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