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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


It took me most of the day yesterday, but I completed the finishing on 3 projects!

First is my Little Brown Bird purse:

Little Brown Bird Purse 2

Isn't this just too pretty? And it was so much easier to sew the tabs in and then put the handles on once the purse was complete!

Next is my Button Flower Cellphone Pouch:

Button Flower Pouch 2

I was going to do a cool fringing technique that I saw in a magazine but it was too much for this pouch so I added simple beaded fringe to the bottom and then some braided gimp.

Last but not least, my Peacock Cellphone Pouch:

Peacock Pouch 2

I am so pleased with this! You may remember that I wasn't sure about how to finish it. If you're into making hearts, this might be a good finishing option for you. Trim your heart leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Sew on some lace and a backing fabric. Turn right side out. Make a separate pouch following the tutorial that I gave you last week. Then hand-sew the heart to the pouch, add a snap and a chain. It was that simple. I have to make more of these!!!

I'm in the process of listing these in my Etsy shop where I will leave them for 30 days. After a month, if they're still there, I'll move them to my showcase at the Brick & Mortar store. In fact, if anyone is interested in any of my previous items, I'll be moving some of them this Friday. Just wanted to mention that.

Ok, I'm off to finish listing these things and then I have to work for a bit. See ya tomorrow!


Kim said...


I love how you finished the button and the heart cell phone pouches! For some reason, I couldn't visualize them from your descriptions, so I'm really amazed at the results.

Your brown bird purse is gorgeous, too!

Thanks for sharing your finishes!


Heidi said...

Very pretty! I love your cellphone pouch! The fringe is perfect for it. :o)

loulee1 said...

They look fantastic Pam, as always.

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