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Friday, November 03, 2006

Stitching And Another Fabric Postcard

Well, I could just go crazy with these fabric postcards! What's really neat about them, is that they can be a basis for trying new techniques without getting into a huge project. They also serve as almost "instant gratification" since they work up pretty quickly depending on what you choose to do.

I had a dryer sheet pansy left over from a project I did over the Summer and I was saving it for a crazyquilt design but decided to use it on this instead:

Wild Pansy Fabric Postcard 2

I started with black cotton fabric. I marked my 4 inch X 6 inch stitching area with a white quilters pencil. Then, I cut up some of that gold metallic fluffy stuff that they use in gift baskets. I save anything that can be used in some way with fabric! Anyway, I cut it into little pieces and sprinkled that on and then using Heat & Bond, I added another of my painted dryer sheets.

To that, I added the lace and then the pansy. I did some feather stitching (I love that stitch) with metallic gold thread and sewed the beads on. I really think I love beading more than anything!

Again, I layered it with some cotton quilt batting, a piece of white cotton fabric for the back which I added a piece of iron-on interfacing too and then blanket stitched the edges. I did the "postcard" thing on the back with a fabric pen, titled it, signed it and dated it. It was so much fun and it's so pretty! And it's now available in my Etsy shop.

Speaking of Etsy, it's my understanding that the site will be down over the weekend while they upload the new version of the site. From what I've read, they've added alot of neat new features like the ability for shop owners to catagorize their items. I think that will be an excellent option!

When they have things up and running again early next week, I'll be adding some more Fractal Sheets. I had a little free time this past week and I worked up some new designs. I'll also be adding some Blackwork Kits with a new, never before seen design and they will include hand dyed fabric (by me!)

In other news, I started a new crazyquilt purse last night. This one will be another "Fish Under The Sea" themed design:

Fish Under The Sea 2

So far, I've covered all the seams with the simple feather stitch done in DMC Silver #5. Later today, I plan to add some of that funky fuzzy yarn. I hope I have some in pink! I'll post an update on that tomorrow when I've progressed a bit more on it.

Last but not least, I received the most wonderful surprise in my Post Office Box today! Cathy In Canada, found this Iron-On Transfer booklet in a box of cross stitch supplies that she recently purchased and she sent to me!!!

Ornament Transfer Booklet

The designs are wonderful and I can't wait to stitch some of them. I can see these on crazyquilts!!!

Thank you so much Cathy, for thinking of me!

I'm off to my mom's now for a little while. When I get back, I'm parking myself on my sofa and I'm stitching!


DuffyPoo said...

You're welcome!


June said...

I love this postcard. The pansy is so pretty. June

Gail said...

Dryer sheet pansy, painted dryer sheet...I have not heard of this before will you explain what, how, etc.
I love this post card, it is very pretty.

Susan said...

That postcard is the best yet! You are really going to town. I never would have guessed that postcard started with black fabric!

Pam Kellogg said...

Gail, I'm going to be doing a tutorial on the Painted Dryer Sheets and using them to make flowers. That will most likely happen after the holidays so please keep checking back here at my blog to find out where the tutorial will be posted.

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