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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Redwork Cupid

I don't have anything too terribly exciting to share today. I worked on my current charted design project until about 6:00 last night and by then was kind of tired and didn't feel up to stitching.

I started on this redwork cupid last week:

Redwork Cupid

I really want to be crazyquilting but I have to sew up a few things to stitch on and won't have time until my design work for the week is done. If I complete it today, I can run my sewing machine tomorrow!


patternnuts said...

This may be way over the top...
But would you be willing to show the back of the cupid? I have a redwork project I need to do (and have never done) for my mother-in-law and am curious how it plays out.

Susan said...

I love the start of this curly-haired little guy. I will be looking for the rest of him in a few days. =)

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