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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Old Lace, Cupid And A Nightmare!

I didn't manage any stitching time last night. When I finished up my regular design work, I hand-painted the lace that I bought last weekend. Here's the before photo:

Lace Unpainted

And here's what it looks like now:

Lace Painted

It's all ready now for starch and pressing. I hope to get that done today but I have this need to run my sewing machine for awhile so I'll be doing that first today and then I'll see how much time I have after that.

PatternNuts asked me yesterday if I would be willing to show the back of my Redwork Cupid. She's going to be stitching a redwork design and wanted to see what the back should look like. I don't mind showing the back of my work at all so PatternNuts, here's the photo you asked for:

Redwork Cupid

Stitching a redwork or outline embroidery design is not all that different from counted cross stitch in the sense that you shouldn't carry your threads too far and you can weave the tails in under near by stitches. I never clip my threads close until I've completed the stitching. Now, my grandmother always knotted her threads on the back. Technically, they should be woven in under other threads rather than knotted but I'll admit, I tie knots because that's how my grandma taught me to do it.

On a final note before I head off to my sewing machine, I thought you would enjoy this photo of my Nightmare kitty taken on Thanksgiving. He loves turkey and yes, he begs! And yes, Mommy spoils him rotten!

Nightmare Begging For Turkey


seoulsisterstevens said...

Pam, your lace is lovely. What kinds of dye do you use?


Anonymous said...

I knot too & my Grandmother taught me how to stitch when I was just a little girl (8yrs old). I can weave my thread on counted cross stitch, but, it doesn't feel right on embroidery. Your Redwork looks great.


patternnuts said...

Thank you Pamela. Very neat back!

Lol, love the kitty pic. Looks so focused!

Laren said...


I do both I knot and then weave about half an inch - just like my Grandmother taught me!!


Susan said...

I knot the majority of the time. That's what Mama did, and I tell you, it just doesn't seem safe with only weaving. =)

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